Gifts for Artisically Inclined 10 Year Old Boys and GirlsGifts for Artisically Inclined 10 Year Old Boys and Girls

Children just love to get creative and messy as they design, build, draw, paint or anything in between. This collection of Gifts for Artisically Inclined 10 Year Old Boys and Girls crafters contains a whole host of awesome, exciting and artsy products, books, supplies and even DIY Projects, allowing your child to develop their creative side with no limitations.

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Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

From Mr. Sketch comes this awesome and exciting pack of pens. With 12 inside, these chisel tipped markers come in a variety of colors and are the perfect tool for little ones to draw and create. The best part? They are scented and smell great as each color has a different aroma.

Prices Vary

How to Draw Superheroes for Beginners

Does your 10 year old keep getting frustrated that they can’t draw their favorite superheroes? This cool paper back book has been developed by professionals and teaches any reader how to put pen to paper and end up with a masked masterpiece. Kick start a hobby for life with this epic book.

Prices Vary

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Are you looking for a cool artsy suitable gift for 10 year old artists? If so, this deluxe spirograph set is for you. Award winning and iconic, this fun set will leave children with all the tools they could possibly need to create the coolest and craziest designs possible.

Prices Vary

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Get some chalk on your sidewalk with this cool set from Crayola. With 64 epic colors included, kids can get as creative as they want as the chalk will wash away in seconds! 8 of the 64 colors are special effect chalks and can spice up the fun with glitter, tie dye or even neon.

Prices Vary

Kubesa Art Supply Table Easel with Acrylic Painting Set

Is your child a budding artist whose equipment is letting them down? Give them the tools to achieve their very best with this art set that boasts a table easel, accompanying canvas and even acrylic paints. The set even comes with two brushes and a mixing palette so they can get the right color, every time.

Prices Vary

How to Draw 101 Animals

Perfect for children especially, this great book is ideal for anyone who loves to draw. Their skills will be instantly improved, as the paper back contains step by step instructions for 101 different images of animals; whether your little one loves dogs, cats or crabs, they will definitely find them here.

Prices Vary

Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers

Messy fun is without a doubt the best kind of fun there is – unfortunately for parents, that often means cleaning up…yuk! These dry erase markers from Crayola are perfect for drawing on whiteboards meaning kids can erase and draw again numerous times. When the fun is over, the ink washes out of clothes and even skin.

Prices Vary

Sketch Book for Boys

Save them drawing on your printer paper, scrap paper or important documents by getting them a sketch book that is full of perfect paper to draw on. The Sketch Book For Boys has an awesome space themed cover that can be wiped clean and is the perfect size for kids to fill with their creativity.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Easel Pad Bundle

Does your child have a full art set up at home, minus a medium to paint on? This premium white bond paper has been cut to 17” x 20” and comes from Melissa & Doug, meaning it fits perfectly on the deluxe easel. Pick yourself up 2 packs today and watch as your child creates masterpieces.

Prices Vary

Tabletop Magnetic Easel & Whiteboard

Check out this 2 sided and magnetic whiteboard that sits perfectly on any table/desk top. With 4 dry wipe markers included, children can draw as much as they want, then wipe it down for a fresh start. As it is also magnetic, kids can gather up a collection of fridge magnets for even more fun.

Prices Vary

KLUTZ Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

From Klutz comes this epic and award winning science kit. Designed for children, this fun experiment will teach children how to make their very own soap from scratch in different sizes, shapes and colors. The kit makes up to 10 different soaps and even comes with fun facts and added experiments.

Prices Vary

On-the-Go Art Set

Get your child started on the right track with this on the go art set. Some children are just destined for artistic greatness but need the tools to succeed; this set is the perfect way for them to build a collection of cool pens, paints and more. The best part is, it’s fully portable.

Prices Vary

Artist White Canvas Pack

Give your budding artist somewhere to paint and display their work with this set of 7 canvasses from Art Alternatives. Each canvas comes in white and has been primed, allowing the recipient to get to work instantly. Neat looking, they are perfect for hanging around the house.

Prices Vary

How to Draw Cute Monsters

Kids love cute monsters, period. This fun and exciting book from Jerry Jones contains all of the information one could ever need to become great at drawing monsters. The step by step instructions break everything down into simple tasks to ensure children can keep up and gain confidence.

Prices Vary

Yarn Unicorn Kit

Introduce your children to the idea of wrapping with this craft kit. Grab one of the cardboard cutouts and wrap, wrap and then wrap some more until you end up with a mythical and magical pair of unicorns. Follow the instructions to find out how to give them rainbow manes, hooves and even reigns.

Prices Vary

How to Draw Pokemon

Learn to capture them all on paper with this insightful and exciting book that teaches children how to draw some of the most popular Pokemon around. With broken down, step by step instructions throughout the pages, kids will have a crazy collection of cool creatures from the world of Pokemon in no time.

Prices Vary

Make It Real Knot & Bling Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid tail blankets are simply awesome; these fun arts and crafts kits are the perfect gifts for 10 year olds, and allow them to make one of their very own. With pre-cut fleece, sequins, and sewing kit included, children need only follow the instructions to have a ton of fun straight out of the box.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

Thanks to Melissa & Doug, you can now send the most beautiful notes as if by magic! These stunning scratch art notes require children to use the included stylus to scratch off the coating and reveal bright and brilliant colors underneath. Each pack includes 125 individual notes.

Prices Vary

How to Draw Kawaii Cute Animals

The following book is literally 3 books in 1 and contains all the information you could ever need on drawing Kawaii cartoon characters, animals and more. This style of cartoon is the simplest to pick up and is great for children of all ages. Check it out now and give them the tools to learn.

Prices Vary

Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit

Gather up a few old t shirts and add this awesome tie dye set to your basket for some epic, artsy, and colorful fun. From the nation’s favorite supplier of tie dye, this 18 color, one step set will give you enough products to dye up to 6 t shirts. Simply add water to activate.

Prices Vary

Design Your Own Headphones

Personalize their listening experience with this gift for 10 year olds. These universal headphones are supplied in a plain white and slightly boring color; luckily for you, they are designed to be spiced up! Sold with stencils, pens and paints, you can customize them however you want.

Prices Vary

Arrtx-24 3D Fabric Paint

Painting on paper is fun, but it has its limits. This exciting set of paints can be used on all kinds of different surfaces, including, canvas, wood and a whole lot more! With 24 bright and bold colors included, the options are absolutely endless.

Prices Vary

Crayola Colored Pencils

You can’t expect children to fulfill their potential without the right equipment to back them up. Give them the gift of quality with this pack of pre sharpened coloring pencils from Crayola. With 50 different vibrant colors included, kids can draw, color, blend and shade to their hearts content.

Prices Vary

Bracelet Making Kit

Make not 1, not 2, but up to 28 awesome bracelets with this bracelet making kit! A great gift idea, this kit contains enough stuff to make bracelets, necklaces, rings or just about any kind of jewelry through the use of high quality hooks, clips and even a loom.

Prices Vary

Craft Box Subscription Box

Arts and crafts are a great hobby for children to get into. This cool subscription box ensures that your child gets age appropriate craft kits sent to their door every month! Containing everything needed to complete each project, this subscription is the care free way to craft. Some boxes are even seasonal.

Price varies

Emoji Coloring Book for Girls

The Emoji Coloring Book for Girls is the fun arts and activity book that revolves around the cute world of emojis. Containing tons of awesome emoji pictures, kids can color them in any which way they want, or, if they fancy a change, there are themed activities to keep them entertained.

Prices Vary

Craft-tastic String Art Kit

This award winning set of art canvasses is perfect for little ones to use to express themselves and get creative. With instructions included, all you need to do is push pins into the canvas and watch as your masterpiece grows. There is not even any need for nails or a hammer! Simple fun.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Owl Craft

Craft and create your very own rock pet with this awesome kid’s art set. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, this particular set comes with an owl that is ready and raring to be decorated. With the included weatherproof paints, you can make a buddy that will last for years and years to come.

Prices Vary

Shappy Mini Canvas Set

Are you looking for somewhere for your little one to express themselves? Kick start their artistic side with this bulk buy of canvasses. With 16 mini canvasses, spread across different sizes, children will have more than enough places to paint, draw and display.

Prices Vary

Klutz Nail Art Craft Kit

From the world famous brand, Klutz, comes this epic nail art set for kids. The ideal gift for 10 year old girls everywhere, it comes with a 56 page book full to the brim with instructions. Alongside the book, you can find a variety of polishes, a brush and over 35 awesome designs.

Prices Vary

Wacom Intuos Draw

Take your artistic side to the computer with this epic Wacom Intuos Draw. This awesome drawing pad is designed specifically for beginners and plugs straight into your pc. You will be able to draw and edit to your heart’s content as you use your computer as a drawing board.

Prices Vary

My Comic Book Kit

Comic books are one of the greatest breeding grounds for imagination and creativity. Turn your child into an author with the following subscription box. With comic books delivered, each one arriving pre formatted and blank, kids can draw, design and write their own hero stories.

Prices Vary

Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit

Get tagging the sidewalk through the medium of chalk with this exciting subscription box. With all art created by this box being completely washable, children can be allowed to get as messy as they like! Included in this box you will find everything they need to create awesome art.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Drawing Pad

From Melissa & Doug comes this high quality pad of drawing paper. Containing 50 sheets of high gram, premium paper, kids can draw, paint and write anything they want with no limitations. Each sheet tears out cleanly allowing them to frame their masterpieces on the fridge or the wall.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

Give children an introduction to a hobby that could last them a lifetime with this ALEX Toys sewing kit for beginners and kids. The kit contains all that you could ever need to go from zero to hero in the world of sewing in no time at all! Check out this award winning kit now.

Prices Vary

Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch

Is your child a dab hand at drawing cool cartoons and comic book figures? If so, give them the tools they need to create something truly awesome with this drawing pad by Wacom. This special comic editions supplies you with a drawing tablet, pen, tutorials and even the necessary software.

Prices Vary

4M Pressed Flower Art Kit

4M are one of the leading suppliers of high quality educational toy sets for children. This particular set allows kids to benefit from fallen flowers and leaves as they experiment with the included flower press. You will even receive double sided tape, glue, brush and detailed instructions.

Prices Vary

Cool Maker Jojo Siwa Bow Maker

Create your very own JoJo bows thanks to this great kit from Cool Maker. Inspired by the ever popular YouTuber, this kit allows you to make a huge array of cool, creative and colorful bows right in your very home. The customization options are endless!

Prices Vary

How to Draw for Minecrafters

If you are looking for gifts for 10 year old gamers, you have just hit the jackpot. Almost every 10 year old in the US simply loves to play Minecraft. Take them away from the screen with this epic book that teaches them exactly how to draw all kinds of stuff from the world of Minecraft.

Prices Vary

Color Your Own Dinosaur Pillowcase

Say hello to an awesome and fun project that children will just love to complete! This great gift idea involves a pillowcase with a huge and action packed Dinosaur scene. Supplied with no color and a pack of pens, kids can color in the scene any way they like, wash it all off, and go again.

Prices Vary

Flipbook Kits

Tell your own stories in a more exciting way with these flipbook kits. With flipbooks being one of the oldest forms of animation/movie making, kids will love the fact that they are creating moving stories. In the box you will receive 2 pre-drawn flipbooks, 1 blank flipbook, pens and clips.

Prices Vary

Creativity For Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

Say hello to this hide and seek rock painting kit, brought to you by Creativity For Kids. With 10 rocks, 8 weatherproof paints and even over 30 transfers, you can be as creative as you like when it comes to decorating. Once complete, hide your rock and then post and track using social media.

$11 Prices Vary

Fairy Kit

Invite a little magic and mystery into your little one’s life with the help of some fairies. This fun kit for children contains everything they could ever need to make 8 fun fairy related projects that they will love and treasure forever. Check it out to find out more.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit

This fun craft kit will leave you with ‘knot’ just any quilt, but a handmade quilt that is full of love. Brought to you by an award winning company, the kit includes 48 fringed squares that you can knot together to make a patchwork quilt. Perfect for any young lover of arts and crafts.

Prices Vary

Your Décor Water Bottle by Horizon Group USA

Imagine sending your little one to school with their very own hand decorated bottle that they can be proud of and show off to friends. Thanks to Your Décor, now you can! This plain BPA free water bottle can be decorated and customized in any which way to give a lasting personal touch to their drink.

Prices Vary

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

Go crazy coloring when you have access to 152 different colored crayons, including metallic, glitter and even neon crayons. This enormously epic Crayola kit comes in a secure and sturdy case that allows your crayon collection to stay safe. The Ultimate Crayon Collection is the biggest that Crayola offers.

Prices Vary

Creativity for Kids Emoji Bead Bracelet Craft Kit

Cry with laughter or beam with happiness when you walk around sporting a cool emoji bracelet that you made yourself. From Creativity For Kids comes this arts and crafts set that will have you making jewelry in no time. Supplied with enough emoji beads and spacer beads for 5 extra tough bracelets.

Prices Vary

Klutz String Art Book Kit

With over 80 yards of string and 500 pins, you could make a lot of awesome and exciting string art. Luckily, that is exactly what is included in this Klutz activity book; along with everything else you could ever need to start making string art. You even get instructions and inspiration.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Doodle Pad

Scratch art is a lot of fun; 16 pages of assorted scratch art boards is the most fun! This arts and crafts book from Melissa & Doug features some of the brightest and most colorful scratch art pages including rainbow, silver and holographic. Simply pick up the stylus and get scratching.

Prices Vary

Color Your Own Map Pillowcase

Check out this detailed cartoon map of the world that has been printed on to a pillowcase. That’s right, this awesome pillowcase showcases a map of the world that children can color in any way they want. Kids will learn as they draw, and the included pens are washable so the fun never has to end.

Prices Vary

5 Fun Diy Tutorials for Your Artsy Kid

Diy Tape Painting Ideas

Follow this link to find a wonderfully detailed video tutorial that will show you some awesome tape painting ideas that the whole family can benefit from. Whether you want negative space text, cool colorful canvasses or something in between, this video will show you how.

How to Draw Chibi Kawaii Tutorial

Does your little one love Pokemon? If so, show them the following tutorial as it will teach them how to draw a cute and cuddly baby Togepi in a simple Kawaii style cartoon. With each stage of the process broken down along with visual cues, it will be hard to go wrong!

Diy Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Kids absolutely love to get messy, so what better way to spend an afternoon with the children than doing some finger painting? Using the following blog post, you can gain instructions and inspiration on how to create these cool finger print pineapples. Great for the whole family.

Diy Unicorn Decorations

Unicorns represent a feeling of elegance, intelligence and magic; that is why these unicorn decorations would look great in your home. Simple enough for kids to make, you will find the instructions on the following website. Once complete, hang your mythical beasts right where you can see them.

How to Draw a Cute Baby Chibi Charizard

Become an arts genius with this online tutorial on drawing Pokemon. This particular set of instructions will break down all of the relevant information you need to draw an adorable baby Chibi Charizard in just a matter of minutes. Once you have learnt how, you will never forget. Awesome.

Creativity is never limited, especially with children. Or give them more space by choosing Gifts for Artisically Inclined 10 Year Old Boys and Girls. Just have more fun, can both promote the development of children.

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